TESS DOB 1/12/05 ABC 260272
Hip Certification -OFA Good
DNA CEA - Normal

Tess is a daughter of Andy and Maggie.

Andy and Maggie pups have been performing very well in all sorts of agility and herding
 venues throughout the states. I am pleased to have one of my own.

 We are looking forward to her trialing when she is finished with her training.


Tess is a natural!!!! She has excelled at all of her training to date. She is a natural outrunner, is learning her flanks even off balance with ease. She is beginning her driving with no problem.

As she continues, we will look at trialing her in the fall right after she finishes with her pups in August.

She has matured into a beautiful, sharp, willing student-A pleasure to work with. She has been held back only by my lack of time to work with her.





  Tess's pedigree


Grand Sire/Dam

  GreatGrand Sire/Dam

GreatgreatGrand Sire/Dam

Andy ABC 66947
Cheryl Jagger Williams
Hop Bottom, PA.

Max ABC 36368
Claudia Bates
Berryville, VA

 Imp. Moss ABC 4940
Charles L. Chaney
Utopia, Tx

 Robbie ISDS 103968
C.J.Gordon, Wales

 Imp. June ISDA 125009
Hubert, Bailey, GA

Imp. Mist ABC 16062
Charles L. Chaney
Utopia, Tx.

GB National Champion
Roy ISDS 114678
J.J.Templeton, AYRS, Scotland

Jan ISDS 128236
H.Fergusson, Scotland

Dot ABC 37853
James Reed
Iron City, TN

Mirk ABC 15910
Jerry W. Gann
Leighton, AL

Imp. Lad I-139419 ABC 8828
Russell Dake, Buellton, CA.

Skye ABC 8267
David Rogers, Perkinston, MA

Lisa II AIBC 80743
Danny England, AL

Zack ABC 4752
Buddy Brackin, Town Creek, Al

Lady AIBC 52485
Ulon Palmer, AL

Maggie ABC 105923
Cheryl Jagger Williams
Hop Bottom, PA.

Imp. Taff ABC 42973
Cheryl Jagger Williams
Hop Bottom, PA

Welsh Nat. Ch.
Belch Taff ISDS 113243
Miss C.S. Jones, Wales

Glen ISDS 92091
HG Jones, Wales

Bwlch Bracken ISDS 74660
Mrs. B Jones, Wales

Meg ISDS 135659
H.W.Jones, Wales

Patch ISDS 94433
Ledwards, Wales

Jess ISDS 119815
HG Humphreys, Wales

Tess(Cash) ABC 12909
Cheryl Jagger Williams
Hop Botom, PA

GB International Champion
Davy ISDS 131049
Sydney Price, England

Bobby ISDS 119815
T Bowey, Scotland

 Sandie ISDS 122755
JM wilson, Scotland

Hillcrest Nell ISDS 161848
Russell G Miller, AL

 Dei IDSD 101185
H Owen Gwynedd, Wales

Gail, ISDS 151730
DT Evans, England