Maggie DOB 5/6/1997  ABC 105923
OFA Hip Certification - Excellent 
Eyes Clear

Maggie was a daughter of Bwlch Taff’s son Taff and a granddaughter to my Nell (Taff and Nell in VID section). Nell was NEBCA’s High Point Champion and Fall Foliage Champion several times. Maggie was the ranch dog extraordinaire’ .She is able to accomplish any part of farm work and handle all kinds of sheep. A very kind disposition and sound body made for a great match with Andy as demonstrated in the puppy section. Maggie was the training dog for any novice handler to learn what balance is all about. Though she  had limited trial exposure, she has done exceptionally well when given the opportunity.

Maggie's pedigree


Grand Sire/Dam

  GreatGrand Sire/Dam

GreatgreatGrand Sire/Dam

Imp. Taff ABC 42973
Cheryl Jagger Williams
Hop Bottom, PA

Welsh Nat. Ch.
Belch Taff ISDS 113243
Miss C.S. Jones, Wales

Glen ISDS 92091
HG Jones, Wales

GB National Champion 
Glen ISDS 62253
D. MacDonald, Scotland

Lass ISDS 62964
D. MacDonald, Scotland

Bwlch Bracken ISDS 74660
Mrs. B Jones, Wales

GB International Champion
Wiston Cap ISDS 31154
J. Richardson, Scott

 Sheba ISDS 74384
JD Mrs. B Jones, Wales

Meg ISDS 135659
H.W.Jones, Wales

Patch ISDS 94433
Ledwards, Wales

Mac ISDS 74384
JD Jones, Wales

Nell ISDS 74105
RJ Bebb

Jess ISDS 119815
HG Humphreys, Wales

Roy ISDS 88481
EF Morgan, England

Jess ISDS 92776
JE Ritchie

Tess(Cash) ABC 12909
Cheryl Jagger Williams
Hop Botom, PA

GB International Champion
Davy ISDS 131049
Sydney Price, England

Bobby ISDS 119815
T Bowey, Scotland

Moss ISDS 91079
T Bowey, Scotland

Slip ISDS 102578T Bowey, Scotland

 Sandie ISDS 122755
JM wilson, Scotland

Mac ISDS 115688
JM Wilson, Scotland

Vera ISDS 93999
JM Wilson, Scotland

Hillcrest Nell ISDS 161848
Russell G Miller, AL

 Dei IDSD 101185
H Owen Gwynedd, Wales

Shep IDSD 67185
Dandy Croft, Cumbria, Eng.

Nell IDSD 92751
H Owen, Wales

Gail, ISDS 151730
DT Evans, England

GB International Champion
Turk ISDS 118169
WD Reed, Gwent, Wales

Jet ISDS 92600
W Downey, England