Lass DOB 4/25/02  CBCA 3732  ABC 207808
Hip Certification - Good OFA 
Eyes Clear
BAER tested normal

Lass is a  daughter of Andy and Dick’s Imported Dot. Dot won the Northeast Border Collie Association High Points for the year  in 2001

At age two, Lass ran her first trial in Florida  in pronovice in Okeechobee, Florida and won . She then ran at C-54 in Florida and won that trial. She was then fifth in her third trial. Watch out for this one, she is going great guns and will be a great trial dog.  She is black and white rough coated. Very biddable, and  a sweet disposition.  She was bred to Scott at the end of last year and those pups are coming along very well in agility and in herding.

 2011 update.

  A daughter of Andy, what can you say about a dog who has won everything at one time or another throughout her life. She has been in many double lift competitions. She has won the high point championship in the northeast border collie association as did her mother Dot. She  has qualified for the national finals every year she has run, and has performed in several. She has been invited to the prestigious Soldier Hollow Trial in Utah, and she has produced some fine pups on her few breedings. Her daughter Sadie by Don is hopefully going to be Dick’s next nursery dog. She is going to retire this year but it will be difficult not to see her out there working any kind of sheep any time.




  Lass's pedigree


Grand Sire/Dam

  GreatGrand Sire/Dam

GreatgreatGrand Sire/Dam

Andy ABC 66947
Cheryl Jagger Williams
Hop Bottom, PA.

Max ABC 36368
Claudia Bates
Berryville, VA

 Imp. Moss ABC 4940
Charles L. Chaney
Utopia, Tx

 Robbie ISDS 103968
C.J.Gordon, Wales

 Imp. June ISDA 125009
Hubert, Bailey, GA

Imp. Mist ABC 16062
Charles L. Chaney
Utopia, Tx.

GB National Champion
Roy ISDS 114678
J.J.Templeton, AYRS, Scotland

Jan ISDS 128236
H.Fergusson, Scotland

Dot ABC 37853
James Reed
Iron City, TN

Mirk ABC 15910
Jerry W. Gann
Leighton, AL

Imp. Lad I-139419 ABC 8828
Russell Dake, Buellton, CA.

Skye ABC 8267
David Rogers, Perkinston, MA

Lisa II AIBC 80743
Danny England, AL

Zack ABC 4752
Buddy Brackin, Town Creek, Al

Lady AIBC 52485
Ulon Palmer, AL

Imp. Dot. ABC 108052
Richard Williams
Hop Bottom, PA

Cap ISDS 137731
A.LL. Jones, Wales

Welsh Nat. Ch.
Belch Taff ISDS 113243
Miss C.S. Jones, Wales

  Glen ISDS 92091
HG Jones, Wales

 Bwlch Bracken ISDS 74660
Mrs. B Jones, Wales

Jess IDSD 120408
G. Williams, Wales

Gel ISDS 104284
HG Jones, Wales

Nell ISDS 106926
I. Jones, Wales

Lassie ISDS 194467
J.H.Williams, Wales

Hope ISDS 124402
D. Russell, Kinrosshire

Jas ISDS 113325
JB Brownlie, Scotland

Jan ISDS 81712
James Walker, Scotland

Jill IDSD 168187
Sandy Dun, Midlothian, Scotland

  Vic ISDS 128240
JFT Bathgate, Peeebs, Scotland

Pam ISDS 143134
A.Frame, Lanarks, Scotland