Imp. Fly  DOB 4/5/98  ABC 198752
OFA Hip Certification - Good  
Eyes Clear

Fly is a very strong female with a great keenness to work sheep. She is a relentless worker who never tires of her job. She is a powerful female sturdily built and strong physically and mentally. She is black and white heavy rough coated.  Her breeding from overseas was from Mon Jaff G.Owen) a son of B.Dalziel’s Wisp and G. Owen’s Bet. (Longton’s Tweed and W. Welsh’s Sal)


  Fly's  pedigree


Grand Sire/Dam

  GreatGrand Sire/Dam

GreatgreatGrand Sire/Dam

Mon Jaff ISDS 221059
Gwen Owen
Anglessey, Gwynedd

GB International Champion
Wisp ISDS 161487
Robert Dalziel

Gunner Keele ISDS 148409
N.Rutter, N. York Eng.

Don ISDS 108889
JR Thomas, Dufed, Wales

Fly ISDS 114092
N. Rutter, N York, Eng

Nell ISDS 143510
JL Barr, Scotland

Ben ISDS 119873
JJ Templeton, Scotland

Nell ISDS 11436
JL Barr, Glasgow

Winder Heidi ISDS 163624
Donna Jones

Leck ISDS 117097
AH Beaton, Lancs, Eng

Tony ISDS 66922
D Carlton, Eng

Pershorequeen ISDS 104245
AH Beaton, Lancs, Eng

Attwood Gael ISDS 127394
Mrs. WV Morphet, end

Hope ISDS 71496
JM Perrings, York, Eng.

 Nell ISDS 93730
TA Hood Eng

Bet ISDS 212167
Gwen Owen
Anglessey, Gwynedd

Moss ISDS 166369
RT Hughes, Wales

Tweed ISDS 140476
TE Longton, Eng

Leck ISDS 117097
AH Beaton, Lancs, Eng. 

GB International Champion 
Bess ISDS 101142
Thomas Longton, England

Sal ISDS 139356
W Welsh, Scotland 

 Don ISDS 108889
JR Thomas Dyfed, Wales

 Gail ISDS 104391
WM Welsh, Ayrs, Scotland

Bet ISDS 1677759
RR Hughes, Wales

CAP ISDS 119963
C Humphreys

 Sweep ISDS 92075
JHT Bathgate, Wales

Fly I ISDS 111962
JHT Bathgate, Wales

Nell ISDS 124436
JD Jarman, Scotland

Ben ISDS 66447
Mrs. RG Hunter, Eng. 

 Nell ISDS 77843
TA Jarman, Wales