Imported Fellside Whizz|
ISDS 00/315779
BD 6/16/11
OFA good
PRA normal|
I-GS carrier
CEA normal (ancestry)


When we went to the World Trial in Scotland, we had the opportunity to visit Derek Scrimingeour in England.  Whizz caught my eye when he turned her out for a run. Derek had run her in the nursery in England and then she was laid up with pups on two occasions so she had no more trialing.

I liked her immediately and ended up with her later in the season.  She is a powerful girl with lots of feel for her sheep. She has not had a lot of training so she needs to be polished up before she is really ready for open.
I am looking forward to running her this fall and winter.

She became a mother while I was laid up with a knee replacement and so we are now starting again. She has a beautiful litter of pups by Chrome and is a great mother.

Whizz is by Derek’s fabulous dog Killebrae Laddie  ( 2008 English National Champion ) and out of  Killebrae Jet who goes back to Derek’s Bob and Ben (2002 international  5th)