Work required for open class
(Subject to change depending on conditions)

1. Dogs entered in the Pennsylvania State Championship Stock Dog Trial will be required to complete the following phases of work: gather, drive, pen, and shed. The full testing of each dog in every phase is the objective.
2. Each dog will be assigned three sheep or more.
3. The time allotted will be anounced.
4. Each dog will be scored individually in each phase of work according
to the following scale of points:

Outrun..............20 points Drive..........30 points
Lift....................10 points Pen..............10 points
Fetch..................20 points Shed.............10 points
Provice/novice 80 points (20 drive)
Pro/Novice 80 points
Ranch 90 points
Open 100 points

Course description-

In starting each run, the handler and his dog shall take his position at the handler’s stake. This position is to remain “fixed” until all work of gathering and driving is completed. On the outrun the dog may be cast in either the right or left and each dog shall carry a given line to its final position behind the sheep. A cross-over or dispostion to crossover will be penalized severly. The dog is expected to go wide and beyond the sheep before circling in so as to come in preparation for the lift.                                                                                                           
The initial contact with the sheep should be cautious, calm, the sheep not unduly startled, and move out of the release area in a straight line with the dog in full control.

The fetch should be on a near straight line from the point of contact through the center of the fetch gates in the middle of the field to the handler. Swerving, zip-zagging, or other deviation from the near straight line will involve
loss of points. The nature of the work and the consideration of the sheep are to be the foremost consideration.

From the handler’s circle the dog is required to drive the sheep away on a diagonal to the left toward gate #1. The sheep are then to make a right turn and proceed the crossdrive or to gate #2 on the right side of the course. If either panel is not negotiated, there are no retries and results in the loss of points. The sheep are then to be turned to their right around the drive gate and in preparation for the direct line to the pen.

Upon completion of the drive, the handler may proceed to the pen and open the gate. The gate shall have an 8 foot rope attached which the handler is expected to grasp. The rope will give the handler the radius from which to work helping the dog accomplish the pen. Handlers touching the sheep with their crook or the door of the pen will result
in a loss of points. Any circles around he pen result in a loss of points. All sheep are expected to be enclosed in the pen with the gate closed prior to progressing to the next phase of work.

The dog and handler will be required to shed one sheep within the designated shedding circle. The dog must be in complete control and his work should be deliberate and decisive. The shed includes the dog’s work of bringing the sheep from the pen.

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