Sadie ABCA 342692
Bd 7/14/09
Eyes clear |
Hips not yet done



An only daughter of LASS by DON. We were hoping for Lassís finesse (from Andy) and for Donís power. I believe we got both with a little extra power. Sadie is a real mover on the sheep, she is strong and willing. She is a little harder to hold but will move anything.  Sadie is a beautiful black and white rough coated female. Sadie is very bright and very outgoing. She has a great deal of drive to work. She loves to stand by the fence just waiting to be the next one in. We have started her on the sheep and she will be a very strong worker. She has excellent balance and nice moves. She has a great deal of potential.

Her father Don was imported from Scotland and is a very strong worker.

We hope she will live up to her motherís legacy. Lass has been the High Point Champion in the Northeast Border Collie Association as was her mother Dot both run by Dick Williams. Lass has been in the top twenty of the USBCHA National rankings many times.

Her grandfather was Andy, Cherylís excellent trial dog for many years.



Sadie's pedigree


Grand Sire/Dam

  GreatGrand Sire/Dam

GreatgreatGrand Sire/Dam

Imp. Don ABC 232732 Whiterose Ben ISDS 228387
J.F. Atkinson
South Milford
Moss ISDS 173999
R.G. Davies
Moel ISDS 150776
W.R. Roberts, Wales
Meg ISDS 152389
R.G. Davies, Wales
Gail ISDS 207961
J. Deptford, Aberdeen
## Moss ISDS 175220
Julie Simpson
# Gwen ISDS 160435
J.Deptford, Aberdeen
Meg  ISDS 226750
D.G. Roberts
Gwynedd, Wales
Cap ISDS 211733
D. G. Roberts
Gwynedd, Wales
Moss ISDS 160435
A. Kyme, England
Lass ISDS 190643
E.M. Dickeson
Lyn ISDS 214721
J. Dixon
Roy ISDS 164689
J.E. Wills
Cumbria, Eng.
Holly ISDS 183571
J. Dixon
Lass ABC 207808
Cheryl Jagger Williams
Hop Botom, PA
Andy ABC 66947
Cheryl Jagger Williams
Hop Bottom, PA.
Max ABC 36368
Claudia Bates
Berryville, VA

 Imp. Moss ABC 4940
Charles L. Chaney
Utopia, Tx

Imp. Mist ABC 16062
Charles L. Chaney
Utopia, Tx.

Dot ABC 37853
James Reed
Iron City, TN

Mirk ABC 15910
Jerry W. Gann
Leighton, AL

Lisa II AIBC 80743
Danny England, AL

Imp. Dot. ABC 108052
Richard Williams
Hop Bottom, PA
Cap ISDS 137731
A.LL. Jones, Wales

Welsh Nat. Ch.
Belch Taff ISDS 113243
Miss C.S. Jones, Wales

Jess IDSD 120408
G. Williams, Wales

Lassie ISDS 194467
J.H.Williams, Wales

Hope ISDS 124402
D. Russell, Kinrosshire

Jill IDSD 168187
Sandy Dun, Midlothian, Scotlans