ABC   336920
CBCA 6878
BAER tested normal
Hip Certification OFA good
DNA CEA - Normal
PRA normal
I-GS normal





Mick has more than exceeded our expectations. He qualified for and ran in the 2010 USBCHA National Nursery Finals prior to his second birthday. He has won or placed at numerous Nursery trials as well as open trials. He also ran in the 2011 nursery trials.

He was 5th at the Canadian nationals at age of three

He is a strong dog yet biddable with a great disposition.


He has qualified for  nationals each year he has run in open and has run in several


Watch for his sons Roy owned by Dick  and Roger Millenís Finnegan.


Mick was slowed down for a couple of years with lameness resulting from anaplasmosis a tick borne  disease.

He is back now and is running very well!!




  Mick's pedigree


Grand Sire/Dam

  GreatGrand Sire/Dam

GreatgreatGrand Sire/Dam

Mik CBCA 3845
Jo Ann Zoerb
Brooks, AB

Imp Drift ABC 250325
Jo Woodbury
Buffalo, WY
Tweed ISDS234177
J.H. Wilson
Kep ISDS 218317
R.B. Henderson, Mid-Scot
Jan ISDS 182031
J.H. Wilson, Selkirk
Jill IDSD 226305
J.H. Wilson
## Craig ISDS 188525
S.Davidson, Scot
Phyl ISDS 207680
J.H.Wilson, Selkirk
L&M Nana ABC 223807
Diane Pagel
Carnation, WA
Imp. Spot ABC 206467
Michele Howard
Altrus, CA
Kep ISDS 218317
R.B. Henderson, Mid-Scot.
Jan ISDS 182031
J.H. Wilson, Selkirk
Nell ABC 153164
Laura Hicks
Allen, SD
Craig ABC 140335
E.B.Raley, Crawford, TX
@@Imp. Tess ABC 119583
E.B. Raley, Crawford, TX
Gyp CBCA 2575
Norman & Bev Sommer
Pleasantdale, SK
Tip ABC 117545
Barry Schmidt
Bow Island, AB
Tweed AIBC 64901
Jack Riger
Alra, Canada
Imp. Bwlch Taff ISDS 138742
Harry/Kathy Hobbs, AB
Imp. Flash ISDS 151392
Harry/Kathy Hobbs, AB
Molley ABC 22875
Jack Regier
Leader, SK
Tweed AIBC 64901
Jack Rigier, Alta. Canaca
Jill AIBC 57066
Jack Reiger, AB
Cass ABC 162833
Barry Schmidt
Bow Island, AB
Barney CABC 140956
Dennis Gellings
Dawson Creek, BC
Imp Scott ABC 92053
Jeff Larkin, Redmond, OR
Jiff ABC 21917
Dennis Gellings, Bear Canyon
Speck ABC 67616
Larry King
Sexsmith, AB
Imp. Spot ISDS 136630
Wayne Roberts, AB
Bess NASD 49205
Ernie Hills