Imp Dave   DOB 5/7/2012

ABCA 406098

CBCA 11302

ISDS  DE/320895

OFA excellent

CEA carrier

PRA clear

I-GS normal


Dave was imported for Dick through Michael Gallagher and his father Aidan Gallagher from Ireland.

At two years of age Dave was running open for Dick and handling sheep like no other. He had an opportunity to do lambing with Aidan in Ireland one winter. The experience was invaluable.  Dave has a tremendous feel for his sheep. He can handle any kind of sheep without difficulty. His balance and distance automatically comes into play when sheep are tough or running, or simply walking along.

He has a disposition that is kind with dogs, people, kids,anything.

Not only is he a pretty dog, he will be Dick’s next great dog.


Dave has been used for stud several times and has produced very well to date. 

Video of Aidan Gallagher running Dave


Click here to see Dave ISDS information and pedigree